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IoT infrastructure made easy

Manage your IoT Fleet and scale your Deployments with our Linux-IoT Platform.
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IoT as infrastructure

Deploy your Linux-IoT Software and enter the market as quickly as possible.

IoT Platform

Light Secure Linux-IoT, Develop and Deploy Safely

Embedded Linux

Deploy IoT Apps on Embedded Linux systems

Secure Internet of Things

SealOS Linux-IoT - Secure Operating System for your connected devices

Linux-IoT Hardware Support

Deploy IoT Apps on any hardware that supports Linux

Why Open Devices IoT Platform?

IoT Platform

Open Devices IoT Platform

Secure Light IoT Solution, build and deploy Software for IoT and Hardware. From Automotive, Industrials to Startups, All Open Devices IoT solutions are based on Open Source technologies.

Secure Internet Of Things

SealOS Linux-IoT Is a Secure Operating System for your connected devices

Building Secure IoT Products is Made easy with Open Devices SealOS Linux-IoT. Develop and Deploy your IoT Apps, and Manage your IoT Fleet with Secure SealOS Linux-IoT.

Build and Deploy with popular languages

Build and Deploy on your Hardware

Build Apps with any language and Deploy as fast as possible. Save costs and let us handle the rest.


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